McKinley Station made its first verbal appearance at the end of the Star Trek - TNG episode "Best of Both Worlds"... the Enterprise D was badly damaged and needed "weeks" of repair.  It then appeared in the next episode, Family, and a few times over the course of the rest of the show.

There's a great Youtube video showing an intereview with DeForest Kelly that features this model and how it was filmed. Check out at about 5:30 into the interview.   Deforest Kelley Interview

McKinley was acquired from the It's A Wrap auctions on Ebay and was literally a mess.  In fact, the listing itself indicated the model had "significant damage due to time and most likely gravity".  Here's an "as received" shots.... you can see the cracked pieces, with underlying wood damage

 Given the condition, there was little question the model needed to be rebuilt... On the shop floor...  it took several months to rework and rebuild the piece.

 And the finished product, rebuilt, rehung, relit.  ...