In the Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect", in the teaser - the Enterprise D explodes.  Poof!  Gone.

The episode features a recurring time loop and we see the ship reconstitued, and exploded multiple times, due to a collision.  Finally, the ship is saved by "decompressing the main shuttlebay"... note the shuttles within. 

So how do you make a nacelle explode?  Build a nacelle that you are willing to explode.  And how do you make the main shuttlebay doors open?  Build a shuttlebay with doors that open.

I was able to obtain the nacelle model in the 2006 Christie's auction, and the shuttlebay model later from the It's a Wrap auctions.  They are great companions... but rather large.  The nacelle is about 8 feet long.  The first pictures shows it in the shipping crate, and the second installed at my place.


The hanger bay was a real treat, one of the few models available from It's A Wrap.  The doors work, like a roll-top desk.   You can see the wood sides in this view... the model was carefully cropped on-screen to avoid that!  I've since added two shuttles.